Spiritual Living Program

It is part of our mission as a teaching ministry to provide you with the practical principles and techniques that will help you live a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.

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Verity Centre also offers a variety of personalized services. These services can be made available to its members and the public.

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Live Lesson

Each week we broadcast a video stream of our Live Lesson directly from our location. Starting at 11:10 am until 12:15 on Sunday mornings, the service can be viewed online.

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Book Store

The Expressions Book Store carries an assortment of learning materials to support what is taught at Verity Centre.

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Verity Centre also provides supplemental courses to the Spiritual Living Program that are taught online (through our streaming service), as well as in person.

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Get Involved

We need you. As a not for profit organization, Verity Centre for Better Living relies on the commitment of it’s members to support its Vision, its Mission, programs and initiatives.

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Spiritual Events

During the year, Verity Centre hosts events that assist the relationship building while practising the presence and principles.

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Active Ministries

Each of the ministries at verity allow for individual expression and for the growth and collective holding of our vision.

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